Entry Gates, Driveway Gates, Custom Gates and Steel Sculpture
Entry Gates, Driveway Gates, Custom Gates and Steel Sculpture
Entry Gates, Driveway Gates, Wrought Iron Gates and Steel Sculpture
Custom Gates, Driveway Gates, Entry Gates and Steel Sculpture
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Although Custom Gates are our specialty, we also offer Sculptures for any budget,
Landscape Design and Installation to enhance any property, Hardscapes including, stone
columns, stone walls and water features.
Custom Gates and Entrance Design to enhance your Property!
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Driveway and Entry Gates for any Entrance
Driveway and Entry Gates for any Entrance
Wrought Iron works and gates are our speciality
Custom iron works and gates for any entrance design
Entrance design to enhance your property
Quality security gates
Monument signs for you property
Iron Works and sculptures
Standard gates to fit most entryways
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Creating that Perfect Gated Entrance Design!

  Where to start? The first thing to consider when coming up with a new entrance design
is the location. If it is a new property you may have many options, although Convenience
is one of the most important things to consider. You don't want to have to make a “U-Turn”
to get into your property, you also have to consider who/what will be coming through that
entrance...guests, contractors, builders, cement trucks, semi trucks, all will need the
Room to enter your property safely. For existing properties the choices can be limited,
but that does not mean you have to have an ugly entrance.
  You have the perfect location, now what? Unless you are a contractor or designer, it is
best to let a professional do the design work for you. We have always been able to come
up with exciting Entrance Designs to almost any property. Through careful planning,
consultations and insight, a beautiful entrance can be designed for your property.
  Another important consideration for your entrance is the distance from the “turn off”
road.  All counties will have a minimum “set back” requirement for any gates, fences,
stone work, lighting, etc. Be sure to check with the local building department on what their
required set backs are (typically the minimum set back is 35-40 feet from the center of
the road). If you plan on having an Entry Gate and if it is at all possible, keep the entrance
at least 70-80 feet from the turn-off road. This will allow for most vehicles to pull
completely off the road while waiting for the Gate to open. Keep the “Flair”, (where your
drive meets the turn-off road) as wide as possible. This will help to keep your
guests/visitors from clipping your landscaping, stone work, lights, mail boxes, etc. as they
turn into your property.
  So now you have your location, your basic design/layout, its time to consider the Entry
Gate. The Entry Gate should enhance your property while also serving it's main purpose,
Security. The Gate design is very important to the Feel of the entrance, and along with the
Columns and Lighting should be incorporated into the Entrance Design. Your Entry Gate
should be welcoming, interesting and the centerpiece of your entrance. Your Entrance
can tie in with the surrounding landscape or it can stand out from the crowd! It is Very
Important that you use a Professional Gate Builder/Installer for your gate. You want the
best gate operators that you can afford. The last thing you want is to have to manually
open your gate in the pouring rain, you will be soaked by the time you get it open! We use
only top of the line gate operators and safety devices to try to eliminate down time and
  Landscaping is next. The plants you choose should all be “zoned” for your specific
location. Are you going to have irrigation? If not it is vital that you choose plants that are
hardy and native to your area. You can typically expect a 5%-10% loss of plants for a non-
irrigated landscape (assuming there is not a drought), so plan on replacing a couple of
plants. Use plenty of mulch, 4”-6” around the plants, this will help with retaining water.
  Enjoy your Entrance! The above is a very compacted Entrance Design plan of attack,
but will give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.
Thomas Elfers is a professional Fabricator/Designer working with clients from all over the country. We build
Custom Wrought Iron Gates and build complete Entrances for home owners and developments. We also
create Iron Furniture, Sculptures, Fire screens, and many other Iron Works. Our company specializes in
complete entrance design and construction. We are a full service company that provides Custom Wrought
Iron Gates, Full Automation, Electrical and Lighting, Block and Stone work, Landscaping, Monument and
Street Signs. We pride ourselves on quality craftsmanship and exceptional service. Brose through our site
to see the amazing work we have done. Give us a call (828) 288-3001, or email us with any comments or
How to attract prospects to your property
You've decided to develop a property, you have the land, you've platted the property,
acquired the proper permits, now what. Well, in order to sell your property, you will need
to create interest in that property. One of the best ways to do that is to have an entrance
to the property that makes your future clients "want" to live there!
The entrance should be exciting, warm and welcoming. Your future clients will want a
sense of security, with out feeling caged in. The hardscapes and landscapes should
compliment and "Fit in" to the surrounding areas. You can also create interest by
installing a custom gate that reflects the feeling of the community, beautiful stone work,
bright and colorful landscaping that "Shows off" year round, hardscapes and/or water
features that tie the property into the natural surroundings, these are the kind of attributes
that get properties not only noticed but "Sold"!
People more and more are looking for Security. There are many properties that offer a
"Gated Community", so there are many to choose from. By having an Inviting, beautiful
entrance you not only increase the property value, but you increase traffic and interest to
Your property. You want your prospective buyers to feel secure in there new home, but not
locked in. By having beautiful hardscapes, attractive lighting, interesting landscaping and
not to mention a custom gate that enhances the property without giving off that "Keep
Out" feeling.
Remember most of all you are trying to sell your property, satisfy your clients and create
an atmosphere of "Welcome Home!".
Six Tips to Prosper During a Slowdown
If you run a small business, you know that the market, trends and business plans have
changed drastically in the past two years. Small businesses are especially hard hit, so
here are six things you can do help your business actually prosper during the current slow
1. Reduce overhead and operating expenses. Don't be afraid of change! Moving your
business to a less costly building can greatly reduce your overhead costs. Get rid of any
unnecessary services, ie. cable TV is not necessary at the office, that snack machine is
eating away at your cash flow, bringing breakfast or lunch to work could save hundreds if
not thousands of dollars a year, just changing the type of lighting you use can help reduce
your electric bill. These little cuts add up fast, and will help take pressure off of you so you
can spend more time on your Ideas and production.
2. Give your office/shop a fresh look. This will help create a sense of moving forward and
not stagnating. It will also show your customers that you have pride in your business and
make them feel more comfortable doing business with you. There are many inexpensive
ways to spice up a office or shop, paint is one of the cheapest, window or wall dressing
can really make a big difference, Potted plants will warm up any area, and keep it Clean!
3. Create your own Web Site or Blog. There are hundreds-thousands of sites that offer
free web sites or blogs. Take advantage of all the Free forms of advertising that you can
find! Most of the free sites make it very simple to create a web page, they can walk you
through it and you can have a site or blog up in a matter of minutes! Some suggested
sites are; Merchant Circle, LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter, etc. The more your name is out
there the easier it is for customers to find you.
4. Get involved in your community, become active in your local merchant associations,
join your chamber of commerce, attend town meetings. These are all great places to
Network! The more you are seen the more attention you will create for your business.
5. Take a good look at your abilities and products, and change to services and products
that are popular Now! This is an ever-changing market and if you don't change with it, it
will move right on without you!
6. Never Give Up! Be persistent, follow up, follow up, follow up every chance you get.
Keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on around you, there are opportunities
Everywhere! What skills do you have that you haven't tapped into? Do what your really
good at and what you really love, these two things alone will give you passion in your work
and passion leads to success!
In these trying times it is possible to achieve Balance and Prosperity, but don't wait for it,
go get it, now!
What is Positive Thinking?
You've heard it a hundred times if you've heard it once, "just think positive". What does
that mean? How can you think positive when there are so many negative things
happening. I'll tell you what I think.
Thinking positive is not just a thought process, it is a commitment to a different way of life,
it is a process in which the way you think is the way you live. Think about your life, is it
what you "thought" it would be? The truth is, it is exactly what you thought it would be. You
see it is the way you think and feel about your self, your life, that directs you down the path
that You choose. Nobody makes you do, or think, or act in a certain way, it is all YOU! So
it is up to You to do something about it. What do you Do?
Think Positive! How? That's easy, it's a matter of Remembering the positive times in your
life, like when you graduated High School, College, or when you got married, had a child,
got your first bike, your first kiss, your first job. Remember how it felt, how it looked, how it
smelled, How did You "Feel", I guarantee you, you felt Positive, Elated, Amazed, and
Empowered. These feelings are the key to thinking and feeling Positive. They are your
Brick and Mortar of the life you want to build. Your ability to remember those feelings
when you are feeling down is a sure way to bring you back up!
Applying a "Positive Think" as I call it, to the decisions and choices you make throughout
your day is how you can turn your life around. Your "Life" is what you think it is, if you think
it sucks, then You are guaranteeing it sucks, but just the opposite works also, if you think
your life is Great, is Wonderful, is an opportunity around every corner, then it will be as
you think it is. You see, it is what you think and feel that truly directs you to the life that you
What kind of life do you want? One that is dark and dreary, or one that is Bright and full of
opportunity! It's your choice, no one can make it for you, you are in control of what you
think. Think Positive and you will be positive.
Wrought iron sculpture of Midnight, A Memorial in NC
Sculpture made from found objects
Custom Greenhouse made for client in Lake Toxaway NC
Sculpture designed for the N. C. Asheville Arboretum
Sculpture  made to be used as an awning
Sculpture made from found objects
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www.ornametals1.co copyright 2018
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© 2018 copyright www.ornametals1.com custom gates
Phone: 828-288-3001
Rutherfordton, North Carolina
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Custom Gate Customer Links
Wordpress Blog
Thomas Elfers, EzineArticles.com Basic Author
Custom Gates and Sculpture by Ornametals
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Custom Driveway Gates, Iron Works of Art and Sculptures
Custom Gates, Iron Works of Art and Sculptures
Custom gates , how we fabricate and create!
Creating a custom gate involves several processes. The first step is the initial contact with my prospective client who contacts me with their wishes for a new gate. The first thing I do is collect the information needed for a quote, such as size and style of the custom gate, location, columns or steel posts, automation system or manual, and a picture of the entryway.
After I have all the required information the work begins. I take the picture of the entrance and start designing the custom gate and gate system. Based on input from my client I add the gate to the supplied photo, then add the columns, lighting, landscaping, fencing and anything else that the client wants for their entrance. All design work is done on my computer utilizing photo shop and graphics programs, this way when the drawing is finished, the client sees exactly how the gate will look when installed, and I will have all info needed for the quote.
Through emails and phone conversations all the details are worked out and when the design is accepted, and the order placed, the next process begins. I return to my finished drawing, import into a new file and finish the drawing actual size to get proper placement of the footers, columns, gate and gate system. All underground wiring is laid out, safety devices added to the plan and any accessories and/or safety devices are also added. Now I have a detailed plan that gives me all the actual measurements and implements needed to order everything needed to build and install the custom gate. After the materials for the gate and gate system arrive, we get to the fabrication of the gate and hinge posts.
I’ll use my most popular design, the “Oak Tree” gate as an example for the fabrication. The first step in the fabrication is to measure and cut the steel for the gate frame, weld the frame up and grind all the outer weld joints to give the frame a “One Piece” look. We then measure, cut and add the channel that will space all the pickets properly and also becomes the attachment point for the gate operator. The pickets are then added to the gate and welded all the way around at all joints. The next step is to add all the design parts of the gate, but before that, we have some drawing to do. The tree part of the custom gate is hand drawn onto two large sheets of plate steel, then it is hand cut with a plasma cutter which cuts at around 20,000 - 30,000 degrees. I do all this by hand to make sure every gate is different, and a one of a kind design. After cutting out the tree design the tree parts have to be cleaned of all slag left by the plasma cutting process. The tree is now ready to add to the custom gate frame. The branches are manipulated to either side of the gate frame for strength and to add structure to the top of the gate, then we weld in the trunk part of the tree to the gate frame. Now the “Oak Tree” gate is ready for the leaves! Depending on the size, design and the customers requests, the gate will have between 400 and 700 leaves added to it. All leaves are welded with triangulation in mind for added strength to the top of the gate and to eliminate any vibrations that can occur with wind when two pieces of steel are touching or almost touching.
Now the gate is fabricated and is now ready to finish. After many hours/days of grinding, wire brushing, de-beading and sanding, the gate is cleaned of all oil and dust before painting. We use a primer and paint system to finish the gate, 98% of the time the gate is satin black.
Now the custom “Tree” gate and gate system is ready to install!
The footers are dug for the hinge posts and columns and are the first to go in, along with the footers for the operator system. All wiring is routed into the footer system for the operators, and all accessories. The gate is lined up, plumbed and when level the hinges are welded to the hinge posts. Operators are installed and connected to the gates, adjusted for proper swing and timing and all accessories are installed and tested and retested. Once the gate has been installed and tested, any additional implements are added, lighting, landscaping, signage, etc.
And that’s all there is to it! NOT! There are many, many things left out to keep this short, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what goes into fabricating and installing a custom gate.
Wrought Iron Gates and Entrance Designed and Built for Ole Plantation, Western North Carolina
Custom Entry Gate Designed for The Pinnicle in North Carolina
Custom Gates Designed for Mt. Laurel Estates in North Carolina
Thomas Elfers in Rutherfordton, NC on Houzz
Thomas Elfers in Rutherfordton, NC on Houzz
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